Supply Chain Management – Strategy, Planning, and Operation

Here are a few strategies of SCM: The organization’s planning should be demand-driven and the operating model of the business should be based on real-time demand insights. The organization should build an adaptive and agile supply chain with quick planning and integrated execution. Optimization of product designs and product management for manufacturing, supply, and sustainability […]

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Key Elements of Logistics Management


Logistics is more than a supply branch in an organization; it would not be exceeding to term it as a contact medium between the two ends of a business system, the internal structure and the external associate such as companies, vendors, customers, carriers etc. Logistic is basically interaction of the company and the consumer. Movement […]

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The benefits of Big Data Analytics


Big Data, at present scenario, has become one of the most important and widely used terms in the technical regime. As the maximum sharing of data and information is taking place over the internet nowadays, the same amount of volume is being occupied by the digital information over the digital space. Big data analytics here […]

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Training and Development Process in HRM


A company or a business stands on the pillars of the people associated with it. The people who are working and giving their services to the organization are the cornerstones for that. The company will raise high proportionally with the strength of these base pillars. The essence here is that the quality of workers decides […]

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Scope of Digital Marketing


Digitalization is changing the face of the market with a jet speed. Growing use of technology and e-gadgets has provided a wide platform for digital marketing. Everything is going online now days to be it daily amenities, services, learning or business.  This has given rise to the number of professionals who are good in digital […]

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