The benefits of Big Data Analytics


Big Data, at present scenario, has become one of the most important and widely used terms in the technical regime. As the maximum sharing of data and information is taking place over the internet nowadays, the same amount of volume is being occupied by the digital information over the digital space. Big data analytics here helps to analyze and manage this tremendous amount of data and maintain the streamline flow of it.

What are the benefits of big data analytics?

A highly effective customer service, more influential marketing, better revenue opportunities, and efficiency of operational processing, these are some of the major benefits of big data analytics.

Big data analytics is a major tool for analytics professionals to analyze all forms of data including structured, semi-structured and unstructured. That may be customer queries, website content or company call logs etc. This certainly leads the business action plan in the direction of profitability and makes it more convincing. Performing the advanced level of correction over the loopholes in business system big data analytics-

  • Makes it more valuable to the online and offline customer interaction.
  • Formulates the customer interest and produces offers accordingly.
  • An improved customer experience.
  • Increasing engagement of people and converting them into a loyal customer.

3V Concept of Big Data Analytics-

Volume + Variety + Velocity are the three V’s of Big Data Analytics, where volume signifies to the amount of data, Variety to the various types of data and Velocity to the speed of the data processing.

This widely popular concept was first introduced by Doug Laney in Meta Group Research Publication in the year 2001. The recent addition to it is Value, which refers to the Valuation of enterprise data.

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