Training and Development Process in HRM


A company or a business stands on the pillars of the people associated with it. The people who are working and giving their services to the organization are the cornerstones for that. The company will raise high proportionally with the strength of these base pillars. The essence here is that the quality of workers decides the growth of the company. Hence, it becomes essential to maintain and develop this quality into the workforce of the organization. The responsibility for this falls on the shoulders of recruitment training and development wing of the company.


What is training and development wing?

This is the branch of an organization which deals with the organizational activities to improve the performance of individuals or the groups working on it with the aim to provide them Training and develops their skills and qualities to collect the maximum benefit for the organization from them. The major activities in T&D includes the following –

  1. Training
  2. Education, and
  3. Development


Let us have an insight of each one of this.-

  1. Training- this is the evaluation of the job that the individual is performing within the organization and to focus on his activities.
  2. Education- in this the professionals are evaluated against the job position that they may potentially hold in the upcoming future. So basically, this is a check of if you are capable taking more responsibility or not?
  3. Development- this is the account of activities that the organization may partake in the coming future. This includes the development activities related to the quality of its workers, processing etc.


Who is who?

To develop a fair understanding of the people in responsibility under the training and development system go through the following-

The sponsors of T&D                                    –               Senior Managers

Clients of T&D                                               –               Business Planners

Coaching, resources and performance         –               Line Managers

Facilitators                                                     –               HR Management Staff

The people who provide you the training and development are specialists in their field. All these groups work for the set objectives, however, the ultimate goal is to enhance your capabilities.

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